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【CZJB】These FAQ You Should Concern Of Ebike Motor and Electric Bike Kit

【CZJB】These FAQ You Should Concern Of Ebike Motor and Electric Bike Kit
Issue Time:2017-07-04


Jiabo, founded in 2008, concentrates on researching and developing ebikes, lithium electric bike motors, electric bicycle conversion kits, e-scooter motors, electric scooter and so on. With more than 10 years experience in price and quality.

Q:Can you accept OEM and ODM service?
A:Yes. We supply OEM&ODM service as clients' requirement.

Q: Can we get sample for test?
A: Yes. We offer sample, but free sample are not available at beginning.

Q: What's your warranty for products?
A: a.) If you import goods from us, we will be full rufunds protection if goods
    itself has quality problems.
    b.) We can return your money if you are not satisfied with our product within 7 days after you get the goods, you only need take the freight.
    c.) We promise to replace the goods freely if there are some problems within 6months. 
    d.) We promise 2 years' warranty. First year, exchanging products for free and second year, maintence free. You only need to do is pay the freight. 
Q: How do you control your product quality.
A: a.) We do inspection from raw material to final products.
     b.) Raw materials do full inspection.
     c.) Check each final motor.
    d.) Do general inspection. Each batches of parts check two over one thousand. 
         Do the destructive test.
    e.) Make an ID for each motor.
Q: Does the electric bike conversion kit waterproof?
A: Yes. You can ride our electric bike with our ebike kit in the light rain without worrying about damaging the electric components.

Q:Are you manufacturer?
A. Yes. We are manufacturer in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.
     Welcome to visit our company.
     Our company Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-WNICo5a-I&t=116s

Q: Where is your company?
A:  Address:Nongchang, Yuncun Vill, Qianhuang Town, Wujin Dist, Changhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Q: What is the SNS of your company?
A: Yes. SNS link as following.