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Mid drive motor
1.Self-developed torque sensor, can accurately detect  pedaling force, thus achieving human-machine coordination, and its boosting continuity is better than that of traditional speed sensors.
2.Boast excellent gradeability andenergy saving,and its safety is far superior to other types of electric bicycles
3.Supported OEM bicycle frame, convenient for assembly
4.Reasonable structure design, with inner rotor and triple-reduction  gear unit
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Product Detail

Motor model:CZJB-MM02

Rated Voltage(V) :36/48

Rated Power(W) :350-500

Weight(kg) :3.6

Reduction Ratio:1:30

Max Torque(N.m) :110

Rated Speed(km/h) :35km/h

speed&torque sensor

mm02 图纸-1.pngmm02 图纸-1.png


mm02 图纸-1.png

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