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The application of 10 inch electric scooter motor
 Jul 03, 2019|View:60

The 10 inch electric scooter motor is a drive motor for an electric vehicle. The form is different depending on the environment in which it is used and the frequency of use. Different types of motors have different characteristics. At present, permanent magnet DC motors are commonly used in electric vehicle motors. Electric motor motor is divided into two categories according to the power-on form of the motor. It can be divided into two types: brush motor and brushless motor. According to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly, it is generally divided into two categories: “toothed” and “without teeth”.

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Electric motors are undoubtedly one of the most "hot" products nowadays. The world's major well-known automobile manufacturers are struggling to compete for this "new thing". Of course, domestic enterprises are not far behind, and the electric vehicle assembly process, the motor The quality of the vehicle directly determines the performance of the vehicle. The gap between the development of China's electric vehicle industry and foreign countries is widening. The gap between the motors is particularly obvious.

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