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The application of the e-bike rear hub motor
 Jul 15, 2019|View:62

What is the e-bike rear hub motor? Most people don't know much about this part. In general, the rear wheel of an electric bicycle is driven by an integrated sealed hub motor. Most of the electric bicycles on the market today are driven by this rear wheel hub motor. Why is the hub motor used so widely on electric bicycles that it is rarely used in automobiles? The reason is because the electric bicycle is two-wheeled, and the car is four-wheeled.

e-bike rear hub motor.jpg

The electric bicycle can seal the entire package of the hub motor. This e-bike rear hub motorwill have a good dustproof and waterproof effect and improve the service life of the hub motor. The application of the hub motor greatly reduces the body structure of the electric bicycle, which is light and compact, and reduces the self-weight and increases the cruising range. These advantages make the electric bicycle explode and have a huge market.

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