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Where is the general application of e-bike rear hub motor
 Jul 23, 2019|View:190

E-bike rear hub motor technology, also known as wheel-mounted motor technology, is characterized by the integration of power, transmission and braking devices into the hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical part of the electric vehicle. Wheel hub motor technology is not new. As early as 1900, electric vehicles with front wheel wheel motors were manufactured. In the 1970s, this technology was applied in mine transport vehicles and other fields. For the hub motors used in passenger cars, Japanese manufacturers have carried out earlier research and development of this technology, and are currently in a leading position. International auto giants including General Motors and Toyota have also been involved in this technology.


E-bike rear hub motor is a motor that is installed on the rear wheel of an electric vehicle. It usually uses a brushless motor. The structure of the hub motor is simple. It is usually composed of coils, shafts, magnets and outer casings. Under the positive and negative magnetic steel sheets, a large current magnetic field is generated. Under the push of current, the middle rotating shaft is running at a high speed. Due to the simple structure, the failure rate of the hub motor is relatively low, and the kinetic energy conversion rate of the e-bike rear hub motor Currently at around 80%. It is suitable for the conversion of kinetic energy of electric bike.

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