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Why do electric bikes use hub motor
 Aug 09, 2019|View:154

The electric bikes that we ride every day usually use electric bike hub motor. Almost rarely see the electric car of the mid-mounted motor. Where is the electric bike hub motor better than the center-mounted motor?


Electric bike hub motor is a motor that is installed on the rear wheel of an electric vehicle. It usually uses a brushless motor. The structure of the hub motor is simple. It is usually composed of coils, shafts, magnets and outer casings. Under the action of current, The positive and negative magnetic steel sheets generate a huge current magnetic field. Under the push of current, the middle rotating shaft runs at a high speed. Due to the simple structure, the electric bike hub motor has a low failure rate. In addition, the electric bike hub motor kinetic energy conversion rate is currently at 80. %about. The structure of the center motor is much more complicated than that of the electric bike hub motor. In addition to the motor, the center motor requires clutch, drive shaft, transmission chain, transmission, differential and other components to output power to the rear wheels. Not only does the weight of the center motor not be reduced, but the number of components makes the failure rate much higher. It requires regular maintenance and maintenance, and the modification is more difficult. In order to consider the cost issue, more electric vehicle manufacturers are more willing to choose electric bike hub motor.

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