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What is fat tyre ebike motor

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Fat tyre ebike motor refers to a drive motor used in an electric vehicle. The form varies depending on the environment in which it is used and how often it is used. Different forms of motors have different characteristics. At present, electric vehicle motors are widely used in permanent magnet DC motors. Electric vehicle motor according to the form of electricity to divide, can be divided into brush motor and brushless motor two categories, according to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly, generally divided into "toothed" and "toothless" two categories.

fat tyre ebike motor

It usually divided into permanent magnetic DC motor, brushless DC motor and high-speed permanent magnetic brushless motor. The drive motor for electric vehicles is different from conventional industrial motors. The drive motor of electric vehicles usually requires frequent start/stop, acceleration/deceleration, high torque at low speed or climbing, low torque at high speeds, and a large variable speed range. Industrial motors, on the other hand, are usually optimized at rated work points. Therefore, electric vehicle drive motor is relatively unique, should be separate into a category. So different electric bikes should be used according to different motors.

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