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Introduce rear drive electric bike conversion kit
 Jan 02, 2020|View:134

With the promotion of green travel, many people's travel mode has been changed to public transportation or cycling, but when the destination is too short by public transportation, cycling is a bit far away. How to solve this situation? Now there is a rear drive electric bike conversion kitthat can modify the bicycle. With it, there will be no trouble in this regard. Let's take a look at its advantages.

rear drive electric bike conversion kit

This rear drive electric bike conversion kit includes a brushless motor, intelligent controller, power sensor, power-off brake lever, and more. Brushless motors provide power to bicycles and increase the speed of vehicles through chains. The controller regulates the speed of the vehicle. When the power-off brake lever is used, the vehicle is protected from power failure before braking, which protects the motor to the greatest extent and reduces the danger of the driver when braking.

When in use, it has three driving modes, ordinary type, power-assisted type and pure electric type. The power-assisted type assists the vehicle with electric power through a power-assisted sensor, thereby reducing the physical loss of the rider, and making the riding process more energy-saving. In the pure electric driving mode, there are three speeds to choose from, which makes it more free to use.

The device has a small volume and can be arbitrarily installed according to the size of the vehicle, and the weight is relatively light. It will not cause additional load on the vehicle during the driving process.

From the above, it can be known that the electric bicycle modification kit brings the greatest convenience to the user in the process of use. Users who need or are interested in the electric bicycle modification system can consult or order through the customer service hotline, and look forward to your call.

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