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CZJB new desigh mid-drive motor MM02
 May 25, 2021|View:527



l Rated voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V

l Maximum power: 750W

l Rated speed: 80-100RPM

l Maximum output torque: 110Nm

l Power ratio: 36%---300%

l Reduction ratio: 32.58

l Weight: 3.8Kg

l IP Rating: IP65


l Self-developed torque sensor, can accurately detect pedaling force, thus achieving human-machine coordination, and its boosting continuity is better than that of traditional speed sensors.

l Boast excellent gradeability andenergy saving,and its safety is far superior to other types of electric bicycles

l Supported OEM bicycle frame, convenientfor assembly

l Reasonable structure design, with inner rotor and triple-reduction gear unit

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