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hot selling of ebike spoke hub motor
 Nov 29, 2021|View:179

Our daily riding electric vehicles are usually used in ebike spoke hub motor, motor hub motor is almost rarely seen in the electric vehicle, compared with the central motor in what place? Why are manufacturers more willing to produce hub motor products rather than central motors?

Electric bike hub motor is installed on the electric car rear wheel and the wheel motor, usually adopts brushless motor, wheel hub motor structure is simple, usually by a coil, a shaft, magnetic steel and the shell of a few parts, under the action of electric current, is negative magnetic steel piece, produce a large electric current magnetic field in the current, driven by rapid operation, makes the intermediate shaft Due to the simple structure, the hub motor failure rate is relatively low, in addition, the hub motor kinetic energy conversion rate is about 80%.


Compared the motor structure of wheel hub motor is much more complex, in addition to the motor, motor of need clutch, transmission shaft, drive chain, transmission, differential with other components to the power output to the rear wheels, these parts are not let motor, reduction in weight of parts number makes the failure rate is higher than many, need regular maintenance and maintenance, The difficulty of modification is also relatively large!

Due to the self-weight of the ebike geared hub motor, the rear shock absorption bears greater pressure in the driving process. In order to balance the vehicle, the lead acid battery has to be installed under the sitting barrel to balance the vehicle. In addition, due to high-speed driving, the inertia generated by the dead weight of the hub motor is difficult to be braked by the motor vacuum pump, and external forces such as the brake disc are needed to brake. Therefore, the braking effect of the hub motor is not as good as that of the central motor.

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