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Experimental and industrial application of normal pressure gauge

View: 36830/11/2021  

The normal pressure gauge since birth, with its good readability and high precision has won the favor of numerous users, slowly and eliminated the traditional pointer type pressure gauge, especially in the field of chemical, normal pressure meter application is more and more widely, let's look at normal pressure gauge on specific experimental use and industrial use:

the protection level of normal pressure gauges

For laboratory use, there is generally no requirement for the protection level of normal pressure gauges. But in the field, there will be a lot of demand. If the industrial site is messy, the protection level above IP65 is required, because the site conditions are very bad. When the protection is above IP65, the user will encounter other problems when operating the normal pressure timing. So many manufacturers at home and abroad in the shell design, in the display panel under a lot of effort, so as to meet the level of protection needs, but also to facilitate user operation. Another protection method is to add a protective cover to the outside of the shell, so that it can not only shock but also play a protective effect.

The commercial pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, chemical fiber, food and other industrial sectors. Pressure gauge can be the pressure of strong corrosive medium, and can work in severe vibration and using environment is relatively poor situations, beauty, choose German production parts, durable, the whole machine structure design, craft is exquisite, the stainless steel pressure gauge with high measuring accuracy and lasting stability, strong adaptability.

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