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Controlling of electric bike hub motor
 Dec 28, 2021|View:200

With the mixing and use of the new and old vehicle cab, the front and rear wheels have also been better designed. In the face of a variety of sizes and sizes, the electric bike hub motor has achieved great development. In addition, how to solve the problem of driving electric bicycle in driving, also began to rise as a technology in the development of electric bicycle, has also been widely used here.


It needs to be operated with care during maintenance. So how to buy the commonly used ebike geared hub motor control switch? Let's take a look. One, parts purchase need to prepare a conical large cone ball nozzle, so that you can also bring a little bit of water in and out of the feeling, a simple mixer is to screw hand to the top, put some metal jacket on it, with the adjustment screw. Two, the debugging process of gear change with long conical joint is very exquisite, good finish. Install pressure switch, install pressure switch. Once it's installed, it's just a hydrostatic test.

The general definition of electrical instrument is: electrical instrument is a servo motor electrical operation of the control device. Servo motor has a situation: in the module servo motor failure, electrical failure point at the bottom of the module or module platform. In the process of "button + trigger" to start "circuit → Make adjustments", you may not care about how the module should operate correctly. To fully protect our robot control system, we must be familiar with the requirements of the sensor control system in order to operate correctly.

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