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How to achieve accurate control of electric bike hub motor?
 Jan 13, 2022|View:111

The principle of wheel electric bike hub motor is that when the brushless motor provides two voltage outputs, the motor does no work; Brushless motor provides two voltage output, load has two mechanical energy for simulation, parameterization and automation, mechanical energy pre-device in one step. Use motor and Linux operating system is a simple to use, easy to learn and cultivate a computer software. This is software that uses brushless motors to figure out how we control two motors. In applications, it allows the learner to control the motor while learning.


In addition, the test found that the bias on the triangle direction of the ebike geared hub motor, mainly appeared in the direction of the redirection followed by the hub around the seam, sometimes the steering is more effective, the hub around the seam caused by the main point of serious wear, wear force is greater, affecting the surface treatment quality and normal use of the hub. It also has low torque and runs smoothly. Unique mechanical structure design, easy to connect, safe and reliable, high-precision bearings, dustproof performance and motor operation flexibility, the body is very customized for the rust free alloy in injection parts. Servo motor is stable and reliable, reasonable design, convenient connection, performance is well guaranteed. It can greatly enhance the precision and stability of servo motor.

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