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The manufacturing method of electric bike hub motor
 Mar 26, 2022|View:176

Environment pollution and energy shortage problem has increasingly become the grim task facing today's social and economic development, in response to the challenges of environmental problems, green, environmental protection, energy saving become the focus of attention of the society from all walks of life, and electric bicycle commute as a kind of low energy consumption and high efficiency of travel tools, how to make electric bike hub motor?


At present most of the electric bicycle drive mode adopts directly drive wheel, motor and wheel hub, but the current widespread application of electric bike hub motor outer rotor radial magnetic field as a core, motor weight heavy, axial distance is short, the winding end minister, motor power density and low efficiency, caused the vehicle weight increase, the energy consumption rising, Then lead to the line mileage can not be effectively improved.

In order to improve the power of the traditional electric bike hub motor , increasing the axial length is the most direct and effective means. However, due to the structural limitations of the electric bicycle, the maximum axial length of the motor is a fixed limit, which cannot be significantly increased, limiting the high-power application of the traditional motor. Therefore, it is necessary to design a new type of lightweight disc hub motor for electric bicycle.

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