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Development of electric bike hub motor
 Apr 11, 2022|View:156

Most electric bikes are used to run on batteries and an ordinary electric motor. But recently some new electric bikes have adopted a new way of working -- instead of using an engine to drive the wheels through gears or chains, they install an engine directly on the hub of each wheel, this is what we call the electric bike hub motor.


An electric bicycle driven by a hub motor is structurally simpler, saves space on the bike, provides more storage space, and makes the vehicle lighter than most current electric bikes with motors. The wheel motor integrates the wheel, power, transmission, brake, and so on. The working principle of the electric bike hub motor is the permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Although an electric bike hub motor has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. The wheel of the hub motor will be bigger and heavier than the ordinary wheel, which will change the operation mode. The wheel hub generates a lot of heat and radiates heat difficultly, at the same time, the design of the suspension system is also difficult. Still, we believe electric bike motor hubs will be better and more widely used in the future.

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