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Cause analysis of electric bike hub motor fever

View: 9516/05/2022  

The advantage of an electric bike hub motor is that there is no limit to the complex transmission structure, reducing the difficulty and cost of new vehicle development. In the process, we sometimes find electric bike motor hub overheating, in this case, we need to check the following reasons one by one.

electric bike hub motor

1. Electric bike hub motor overloads

As the motor load power is basically constant, when the voltage is higher than the rated value of 10%, resulting in the stator and rotor magnetic field strength increase, so that the motor over-load operation. Or motor bearing failure, so that the motor load increased, causing the motor temperature rise, wheel hub motor.

2. Electrical wiring system problems

The welding of electric bike hub motor leads to this wire, the connection of lead wire and terminal, the diameter of lead core, and so on, may cause the heating of electric bike hub motor winding, and directly affect the temperature of electric bike hub motor winding, which affects the motor's heat output. This kind of problem is more serious, will lead to a very short time local motor burn, and may also directly spread to the stator winding.

3. Rotor defects cause fever

Most of the problems occurred in the electric bike hub motor with relatively large power and relatively long rotor. It was due to the casting defects of the rotor itself, such as thin or broken rotor bars, when the motor is running, the rotor will give off a lot of heat, and the heat will be distributed to the electric bike hub motor, which will lead to the heating of the electric bike hub motor.

4. Grease is defective or defective

A bad grease or failure can also cause the electric bike motor hub to heat up. With the exception of motors operating in a special high-temperature environment, most motors operate at temperatures below 70 degrees, and an electric bike hub motor will be too hot if the grease is bad or the motor fails, and then there is the failure of the bearing frame holding dead.

5. The motor does not work well

In most cases, the equipment will meet the cooling conditions necessary for the electric bike motor hub to operate, and in some cases, it may be too tight or too narrow, the heat emitted by the motor during operation can not be exchanged, which naturally increases the temperature rise of the motor. There is also a case of electric bike hub motor cooling damage, or cooling duct blockage, resulting in poor cooling, and electric bike hub motor heat.

6. The quality of the motor itself

In order to save costs, some manufacturers will reduce the number or size of heat-radiating ribs, resulting in the reduction of the heat radiating area of the motor, and the production of an unqualified electric bike hub motor, which is also an unavoidable issue. Or motor base installation is not strong, causing vibration, causing friction sassafras heat.

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