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Customer can calculate czjb motor speed with formula
 Jun 06, 2022|View:312

Let's take a brief look at the winding inside our CZJB electric bike hub motor!


The number of turns of the copper wire is unique, and the hub motor rotating speed of e-bike hub motors is also unique.The differernt speed according electric bike rim.Differernt e-bike rim has differernt motor speed.

Calculation formula:load speed/4785/wheel size*1000000=motor rotating speed

For example,our e-bike hub motor speed is 25km/h,now we calculate motor rotating speed

1.wheel size is 26":25/4785/26*1000000=200RPM

2.200RPM: 200/1000000*4785*26=25km/h(load speed),if no load speed,add 30rpm.

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