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Feature analysis for ebike spoke hub motor
 Jun 13, 2022|View:291

Ebike spoke hub motor is a motor that integrates the“Power system, transmission system, and brake system” of a car. Ebike spoke hub motor works as a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Because ebike spoke hub motor can be driven by a single wheel, it is easy to drive in front, rear, or four-wheel drive. Full-time four-wheel drive is very easy to achieve in a vehicle driven by ebike spoke hub motor. Ebike spoke hub motor driver features are primarily based on its structure:

ebike spoke hub motor

Using ebike spoke hub motor drive has many excellent performances. The hardware connection of its power transmission is replaced by a soft connection. At the same time, the clutch and transmission devices needed by traditional cars are omitted, and its structure is greatly simplified, the wheels also have direct power-controllable, more flexible dynamics, and no rigid connections between the driving wheels on either side, it does not need the rigid connecting bearings and mechanical differential like the traditional automobile, which greatly reduces the turning radius of the vehicle, and can realize the in-situ turning and in-situ steering of the vehicle under certain specific circumstances, for special vehicles, have greater value, can be more flexible coordination with the electric brake wheel and mechanical composite brake, can effectively reduce mechanical wear and loss, thus improving transmission efficiency. While the ebike spoke hub motor driver has many advantages, it has also had a number of technical challenges that have not yet been solved. While increasing the mass of the suspension spring and the moment of inertia of the hub, for sealing requirements are higher, the design of the original stage also need to consider waterproof and heat dissipation and other issues.

Ebike spoke hub motor integrates power, transmission, and brakes into the hub, making the mechanical part of an electric car much simpler. In the future, ebike spoke hub motor will have a much larger market.

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