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Advantages and disadvantages of helical and straight teeth
 Jul 14, 2022|View:523

1. Helical gear of electric bike motor


1.1 Advantages of helical teeth

(1) Good meshing performance: the meshing process between the teeth of the helical spur gear is an excessive process, and the force on the tooth surface is gradually increased from small to large, and then gradually increased from large to small; the helical spur gear is suitable for high-speed, In overloaded situations. The helical gear is in the state of meshing in and out at all times during operation, and there is no meshing blind area, so that the uniformity of the speed can be ensured, and the most direct result is that the speed is stable;

(2) Large degree of coincidence: The increase of the degree of coincidence improves the bearing capacity of the gear. Thus prolonging the service life of the gears. Coincidence mainly depends on the meshing time, and the long meshing time and the large contact area of the helical gear reduce the stress.

(3) Compact structure: the smaller the minimum number of teeth, the more compact the structure.

(4) Helical gear transmission is stable, with low noise and axial force

1.2 Disadvantages of helical teeth

(1) Manufacturing is more troublesome and the cost is high

2. Staight gear of electric bike spoke gear motor


2.1 Disadvantages of straight teeth

(1) It is not convenient to measure the diameter of the addendum circle when the gear is large in modulus and teeth. It is easy to cause impact and noise, poor transmission stability, no axial force, and prone to broken teeth; (2) Due to errors in the manufacturing process, the instantaneous speed of spur gears varies, and the errors are caused when meshing in and out. Uneven speed.

(3) The spur gear transmission is not stable enough, the noise is large, and there is no axial force, and it is prone to broken teeth

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