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What are the basic components of regular ebike kit?
 Jul 15, 2022|View:138

Choose bicycle hub motor

E-bike hub motor has front drive,mid drive and rear drive.The most important is that install well on electric bike.This time it's time to check front fork size and rear fork size of the bike.Front gear hub motor is 100mmdropout,rear gear hub motor regular is 135mm.Most choose rear,Although the front drive motor balances the vehicle,but rear is more comfortable when you are riding e-bike.Mid drive is more better,but need consider cost and installation.The next is motor volatge,power,speed and torque whether it can meet customers demand.

Choose electric bicycle kit

The most basic components are controller,display,throttle,brake lever,PAS and waterproof cables. Controller differentiation depends mainly on the motor voltage power,limit current protect motor and controller itself.Find a good location it does not take up space on the bike.Use the throttle according to your usage habits,twist throttle or thumb throttle.Brake lever cut off power when riding fast speed with e-bike,will stop brushless hub motor,release again,motor run well.Led and LCD is optional,cheaper and beautiful,you will find it which you like most.Pas has intagrated and separated model,install left or right side.You also can choose them.For the beauty of the bike,choose waterproof cable for kit is good idea,increase a little cost.Like it more!Finally,Come on a trip, you can not forget the most important thing is the power supply and charger, in case you ride too far, the battery capacity is small, it will be very embarrassing, you need strong body.


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