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Know more about dc brushless E-bike motor
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Brushless DC motors have a unique back EMF waveform that makes them behave like brushed DC (BDC) motors. The Lorentz force law states that when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a force. As a result of the reaction force, the magnets will experience equal and opposite forces. In a brushless DC motor, the current-carrying conductors are stationary while the permanent magnets move.

When the stator coil receives power from the source, it becomes an electromagnet and begins to generate a uniform field in the air gap. Although the power supply is DC, the switches cause a trapezoidal AC voltage waveform. The rotor continues to rotate due to the interaction force between the electromagnetic stator and the permanent magnet rotor. As the windings switch to high and low signals, the corresponding windings are energized as north and south poles. A permanent magnet rotor with north and south poles is aligned with the stator poles, causing the motor to rotate.

A brushless DC motor is similar to a brushed DC motor, but as the name suggests, a brushless DC motor does not use brushes for commutation, but rather electronically.

In a normal brushed DC motor, brushes are used to transfer the power of the rotor as it rotates in a fixed magnetic field.

A brushless DC motor consists of two basic parts: the stator and the rotor.Permanent magnets are mounted on the rotor of a brushless DC motor, and the stator is twisted into a specific number of poles.


A brushless motor is a direct current (DC) motor that operates without the mechanical brushes and commutators of traditional brushed motors. Despite the higher initial cost, it has a particularly favorable environment and is more efficient in the long run than brushed motors.

Electric bike hub motor is dc brushless motor,most use for e-cycle in EU and USA market,It is a common means of transport for people.Electric bikes need to comply with local regulations such as motor power, speed.EU limit speed 25km/h,power <=250w.USA limit speed 45km/h,power <=750w.

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