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1. Business management consulting Service

CZJB provides commercial project positioning, commercial layout planning, commercial operation management, commercial operation management diagnosis, brand management, commercial market research, business positioning, commercial training, organization setting, staffing, opening planning, operation management

2. Business administrative services for the relocation of businesses

CZJB provides the following four commercial operation management services for enterprises

(1) Maintain a good overall image and order

(2) Ensure consumer satisfaction

(3) Maintain and increase the value of the property

(4)Create maximum profit opportunities for owners.

3. Marketing services

CZJB provides integrated marketing communications services to our clients in four categories: brand management, digital marketing, PR communications, and media agency

4. Import-export agency services  

Outsourcing of import trade procurement, import agency, and customs clearance for small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturing plants, and companies with no experience in import operations, no import and export rights, and other qualifications! Customized import trade clearance services for our clients! Rapid import customs clearance, multiple financial support, efficient operation.

5. Search engine optimization for sales promotion / Search engine optimization for sales promotion

CZJB provides clients with professional SEO diagnosis and optimization solutions to help companies quickly improve various SEO indicators

6. Rental of sales stands

CZJB provides customers with a display stand area, including display, stand popular products area, display stand popular suppliers area, display stand related recommendation area, etc.

7. Advertising and publicity services

Assisting enterprises to place online advertising on computers or networks.

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