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CZJB-135C 48v 750W 1000W e-bike gear motor
1000w gear hub motor,max torque is 95Nm,STRONG HUB MOTOR
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Position Rear
Construction Gear
Rated Voltage(V) 24/36/48
Rated Power(W) 750-1000
Weight(kg) 4.0
Reduction Ratio 1:5.8
Max Torque(N.m) 141
Wheel Diameter(Inch) 16-28
Rated Speed(km/h) 25-45
Spoke specificatin 36H*12/13G
Brake Type V/Disc brake
Rated Efficiency(%)≥82
Color black/Shining/Sliver
Cable Routeshaft side right
Noise Grade(db) ≤55
IP GradeIP65
Sale spray Test Standard(h) 24/96
Drive and Freewheel 6-7S


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